Category D of 14BICM

The Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) incorporates, in the different areas of society and public service, standards and mechanisms that ensure the protection, conservation and optimum use of the country’s natural resources, thus forming a comprehensive and inclusive environmental policy that makes it possible to achieve sustainable development. In order to build a country in which citizens have a genuine concern for protecting and conserving the environment and sustainable use of natural resources, reconciling economic development, harmonious coexistence with nature and cultural diversity, SEMARNAT awarded the three best posters, convened by UNEP and selected by the international jury of the 14th BICM.

With a call for 1027 entries, the BICM presents the 49 posters that make up the official selection for reflection on the urgent need to conserve biodiversity in the world.

SEMARNAT and UN Environment.