Muñoz Bach’s work is an obligatory reference in the history of Cuban graphics, especially with regard to cinema because it is about someone who gave a very personal, recognizable style, with unquestionable aesthetic values ​​to everything he did and for which is appreciated inside and outside our borders. But Muñoz Bach not only designed posters for movies, he also made numerous works to promote political and cultural events, as well as hundreds of illustrations for children’s books published in Cuba and abroad. Although better known, and exemplary, as a designer and illustrator, he also carried out extensive pictorial work in various formats – seldom exhibited – which today is zealously preserved by family and friends. With reference to his pictorial work, he never considered himself an artist in the conventional sense. On more than one occasion he said that he painted to distract himself. However, he produced oil, ink and acrylic works that, as in his posters, dominate the figurative with a high dose of fantasy and lyricism.
Perhaps the most significant thing about Eduardo Muñoz Bachs’s work is the elaboration of a very personal imagery inhabited by countless characters.
Undoubtedly, Muñoz Bachs is one of those essential beings, for a long time, for the graphics, illustration and visual culture of Cuba and the entire island and continental region.

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