The CSO International Poster Biennial in Mexico is a civil association founded in 2011 with the aim of creating an international project dedicated to poster, with the premise that it is such an effective medium of message transmission that there had to be an agent in charge of recollecting the information to make history of the graphics. Even more importantly, the Poster Biennial was thought since its beginnings as an information exchange platform of creators, where related projects are impulsed or born.

BICM+ is the brand of all the products that the Poster Biennial organizes, that is to say, the total of projects that are under this non-profit civil society organization’s charge.

1. International Poster Biennial in Mexico (BICM)

International Poster Competition

The International Poster Biennial in Mexico is one of the three oldest in the world, and the precursor of its type in America. Here ideas turn into projects through our international poster competition, where visual creators converge. Every two years, our civil society organization, of the same name, organizes the best positioned poster event in Mexico, which is as well an obligated reference in all five continents. This initiative is the one which has transformed other biennials in the world, granting Mexico’s image and presence abroad, and initiating young people in the teachings of design as a transforming environment. We have been the precursors of the educative format and leaders in the implementation of technologies.

We design poster’s present.

2. International Design Congress (CID)

It is the moment in which you can find yourself with designers of national and international renown. The Poster Biennial organizes, every two years, a poster competition which becomes one of the most outstanding design events in the Franz Mayer Museum; nevertheless, even though you can converge with the personalities, CID is the ideal moment to do so. This design congress is not only thought of as the moment for you to relate, exhibit and connect your personal projects, rather we also look to enrich them. Through conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and multiple activities, we want to bring you the tools to make your professional purposes possible and strong.

Forming to design.

3. Historical Archive 

It is the collection of interviews, publications, and over 70 thousand posters, compiled from our editions, with the purpose to safeguard one of the most important collections on an international level. This archive was donated in 2015 to the UASLP, in favor of the conservation and distribution of its work, which gave place to the creation of Casa Cartel, Universitary Centre of Graphic Investigation, administered by the Hábitat Faculty. We find ourselves proud and compromised, as much in the labors of conservation as of those of demonstration, of the vast collection of works which represent years of dialogue as well as creative and cultural evolution.

Our path to the present.

4. Thematic Collections  

It is our collection of works allusive to specific topics that commemorate relevant events, important authors, day to day life, design, poster’s culture, rights, political and social historic necessities. These collections include collaborations with various creators, which form part of the exhibitions that we convene each year.

Poster is our expressive medium.

5. Multimedia Productions 

Is the informative system which adapts to our digital strategies, and goes from interviews with renowned artists, and pictures that portray our story, to an archive of doodles. This content unites simultaneous media, and is designed for its diffusion through various channels; like the app, social media, and web.

Contents that mark tendencies.

6. Editorial Publications 

It is the line of book and magazine publication, and of all the material we produce. Our editorial seal publishes and does printing of the collections, texts, and the results of the projects we carry out. This content is our memory, and permanence in time.

Graphic inspiration that builds editions.

7. Official Merchandise 

It is where you will be able to purchase all of our official products made specifically for every design lover. Here you will find the articles of our funding, as well as special edition pins, t-shirts, stickers, and everything related to our collections and exhibitions. This merchandise is another way to maintain design as a current expression.

With biennial mark.

8. Sótano Roma Collective 

Community service internships, and interns

It is the work group, made up of interns and community service internship providers, of the International Poster Biennial in Mexico. With the aim of forming professionals, we compromise to recreate work environments where the apprentices, under the tutelage of the person responsible for each area, face the task of devising, solving, managing, and proposing solutions to the workflow, characteristic of the area. We look to prove that, when passion to the craft is privileged, the work quality is reached independently of academic levels.

Disruptive creativity.

 9. Extradiseño 

Thematic Axis

It is our discursive line that dictates the arguments upon which we take a stance, with emphasis in the development of socially useful and day to day graphic design. Graphic design has the privilege of communicating to all levels of society, its field of action is open and directed to all public, because of this it favors evolution. Good design is original, purposeful, easily decodable, produced with sensibility, and with an authentic and utilitarian touch.

The biennial’s b side.


Xavier Bermudez

Led Ramirez

Alexander Johnson

Julia Hernández

Paloma Suárez

Jesús Morales

Erick Guadarrama

Lucía Gutierrez

Sait Nava

Daniel Flores

Angel Rios

Daniel Quiroz

Angelica Vilet

Alberto Vazquez
Jesus Gutierrez
Karen Luna
Karen Ramos
Ricardo Martinez
Rosa Valerio
Sofia Garcia

Angelica Olivares

Felipe Covarrubias

Homero Posada

Carlos Gonzalez




Mostafa K. Tolba

Inger Andersen
UN Environment

Xavier Bermúdez
Felipe Covarrubias
Ma. Martha Covarrubias Newton †
Marta León
Germán Montalvo
Juan Morales García
Alejandra Moreno Toscano
Vicente Rojo
Mineko Suzuki
Eduardo Terrazas
Raymond Vézina
Othón Quiroz
René Azcuy †

Francisco Mata Rosa
Alfonso de Maria y Campos
Bertha Cea Echenique
Héctor Rivero Borrell
Rodrigo Witker
Manuel Fermín Villar Rubio

Alejandro Alvarado Carreño †
Patricia Hordóñez
Rafael López Castro
Alejandro Magallanes
José Luis Ortiz
Silvia Pandolfi
Luis Ignacio Sáinz
Ricardo Salas
Eduardo Téllez
Antonio Pérez “Ñiko”
Luis Almeida

Marta Granados
John Gravdahl
Pablo Kunst
Andrew Lewis
Carlos Palleiro
Santiago Pol
Phil Risbeck
Felipe Taborda

Michel Bouvet
Marjatta Itkonnen
Cedomir Kostovic
Alain Le Quernec
Pekka Loiri
Lech Majewski
Karel Míšek
István Orosz
Kari Piipo
Piotr Kunce
Iwona Rypesc
Ken Cato

Takashi Akiyama
Mitsuo Katsui
Shino Suefusa
Sophia Shii
Apex Lin

Fernando Díaz Infante
Bárbara Paciorek
Pedro Ramírez Vázquez
Víctor Sandoval
Dicken Castro
Vittorio Fiorucci
Bojidar Ikonomov
Tapani Aartomaa