E Category E for students and recent graduates.


Participation is open to young Mexicans and foreigners, students and recent graduates, dedicated to design, photography, visual arts, communication and related practices, WITH UNPUBLISHED POSTERS, made for the purposes and objectives of this category. The age limit to participate in this call for entries is 30 years old by the closing date of the call for entries.

  1. Participants may submit a maximum of FOUR POSTERS or SERIES OF POSTERS for the consideration of the selection committee, including all the categories that correspond to them as students and recent graduates in this call for entries.
  1. The techniques of representation are free.


  1. Participants must register unpublished posters on the subject:
Competition in the digital economy.

The economy is rapidly digitizing: more and more aspects of our life occur through a screen or mobile device. Surely in the last week you bought something online, did some transaction in your online banking, listened to music on your cell phone or agreed with your work colleagues how to move forward on an important project through a virtual meeting. The digitalization of markets is not new, but in the last two years, due to COVID-19, people, companies and governments were forced to change our relationships to adapt to this new reality.

This implies several advantages, for example, we can now have access to stores in all parts of the world; but also some challenges, such as getting more people and companies to participate in these new forms of economic activity.

The objective of this category is to communicate how the way we interact as citizens and as businesses has changed and how this changes our decisions about where to buy the products we need, how to compare options and choose the one that suits us best, and which platforms to use to entertain ourselves, work and share our experiences with other people. From a youth perspective, it is important to communicate this crucial moment in human history, and the poster is a tool to understand how competition in the digital economy impacts our lives.

For more information on this topic visit: https://www.cofece.mx


  1. . To participate in the category, only high resolution digital files should be sent (See section 8).
  1. Participants must register their work(s) digitally through the website www.bienalcartel.org, following the instructions for filling out and registering indicated.
  1. The technical specifications of the digital files that are registered in the contest must be:


Size: 100 cm high (vertical) or 100 cm wide (horizontal).

Resolution: 300 DPI

Color: CMYK

Format type: JPG


  1. The selected posters will be part of the collection on Competition in the Digital Economy. The International Poster Biennial in Mexico AC, in collaboration with COFECE, will promote the edition and presentation of this collection, in which the credits of the authors will be respected in various print and electronic media, as part of their dissemination campaigns. The first copy of the selected posters will be printed in HP technology, to be exhibited at the end of October 2022.
  1. The International Poster Biennial in Mexico AC and COFECE, are authorized to reproduce the selected posters of the contest, either in catalogs, exhibitions, promotional, electronic media and events, without lucrative purposes, always respecting the credit of the authors.
  1. Each selected participant will get a 30% discount in the online store or physical sales spaces in the events organized by the BICM, for the purchase of 17BICM catalogs.
  1. All participating posters will become part of the archive of the International Poster Biennial in Mexico AC and will be kept at Casa Cartel, a space created for this purpose by the UASLP.
  1. The organizers reserve the right to reject the participation of posters that are considered offensive to the ethics or culture of any country; as well as those that do not comply with the stipulations of this call. We suggest avoiding the use of obscene images that violate public spaces.
  1. The convening institutions, in common agreement, will form a selection committee for the works participating in this category. Those selected will be part of the exhibition of finalists, as well as of the collection on the theme, which will be published in the 17BICM catalog. The selection will be presented to the international jury to define the winning posters in this category.
  1. The results of the selection of finalists in the different categories of the 17BICM will be published on the website www.bienalcartel.org and social networks @bienalcartel, on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2022.
  1. The international jury, in person, will evaluate the finalist works in the different categories during the last week of October 2022 and will announce the awards for each of them at the awards ceremony and opening of the exhibition, which will take place at the Franz Mayer Museum on Thursday, October 27 at 7:30 pm.
  1. The jury’s decision will be final, it may not be challenged or submitted to any kind of appeal by an individual or legal entity. The prizes of any category may be declared void if deemed appropriate. Likewise, the jury will be empowered to resolve any other incident that may occur and that contravenes these bases.


First prize: 100,000 MXN (One hundred thousand Mexican pesos), gold medal and diploma.

Second prize: Silver medal and diploma.

Third prize: Bronze medal and diploma.

  1. The economic prize and medals will be awarded directly by COFECE. The BICM will award the diplomas signed by the international jury.


Participants accept that by entering their work in this category, due to the unpublished nature of the posters submitted to the competition, they may not be published either digitally or physically, or entered in other competitions before the awards date of the 17BICM: OCTOBER 27th, 2022. Otherwise, the selection committee will disqualify the posters that compromise this consideration.

All posters received will become part of the archive of the International Poster Biennial in Mexico AC, which will be kept by the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí.

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