International Poster Contest



First of all, we want to wish you the best more than ever. Now, it is our duty to announce that, like any initiative, we were seriously affected by the pandemic, which has forced us to modify our entire program. Therefore, we inform you of the following updates:

1) The BICM has decided to keep the opening of the posters’ exhibition for this edition on November 17, 2020 by 19:30 h at the Franz Mayer Museum. Right now we are working on the edition of the book-catalog, which coincides with the celebration of our thirtieth anniversary. 

2) Also, as part of the opening of the posters’ exhibition on November 17 of 2020, we will present the book-catalog of the 16th edition of the BICM.

3) Moreover, due to the pandemic, we decided to postpone the award ceremony for the 16th edition of the BICM.

This decision was taken in order to allow our international juries to give their qualification in person, as well as to participate as invited speakers. Our Biennial categorically opposes the qualifying of the selected works through video conferences or online voting. It seems important to us, due to past experiences, that both the discussion and deliberations of the International Jury should be in person, as it is essential for them to be able to qualify the best posters objectively, as well as to define the prizes in each category. 

For these reasons, and having agreed this change of date with the different convening institutes of each categories, we inform you that both the awards and the awarding of medals and financial prizes have been rescheduled from July 15 to 21, 2021 at the Arocena Museum on Torreon Coahuila, as part of the itinerary of the exhibition of selected posters. The details of the award program and parallel activities will be informed to you and the general public in a near future.

4) Therefore, the members of the International Jury have confirmed their presence for those dates of mid-July 2021.

We appreciate your attention and hope for the best for the times to come.