BICM custodies a space where confluence the educational, cultural and information exchange

The BICM is the most important place of meeting and collaboration where designers from around the world gather in its program of education and promotion of culture on design. This project has taken place, not only in Mexico but in the five continents, as one of the most important initiatives in its field. Unlike other biennials poster, the BICM was established from the beginning as both: an academic education program design issues and wide-ranging collaboration with cultural institutions and higher education in Mexico, both dedicated to the training of designers and dissemination of national creators. Consequently, the BICM is a program that not only complements but also opens new horizons in the graphic design program in Mexico; this is the reason because of which in the year 1988 were invited to the Metropolitan Autonomous University, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the National Institute of Fine Arts and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico through its General Office for Cooperation Education and Culture, as the main convener, to cooperate with this initiative.

The main priority of the BICM, in its quarter of a century, is to promote the culture of design as part of daily life. This idea is the principal axis of creative proposals and social interest that aims contemporary aesthetics in the activities of cultural dissemination as advertising and political and social issues; same as undoubtedly impact the formation of aesthetic taste that is the visual culture of a country, as the BICM says that graphic design applied to advertising, cultural dissemination, promotion of social and educational campaigns generated a vast spectrum of possibilities for the visual language perceived by millions. Reflection on visual culture and communication is now possible through the understanding of messages.


he role that BICM has taken is to open a new space in the dissemination of universal visual culture. Through these 25 years it has facilitated the presence of creative proposals from around the world enriching the visual language as compared to strengthen guidelines originality as creators.

Contemporary graphic design is not yet fully understood as one of the most indispensable tools for socio-cultural development, arts, social, political and productive life in general. On the other hand, the poster remains an indispensable element in the development of the trade designer, forcing them acquire complex knowledge of composition, color codes and typographical, iconography related topics, knowledge of construction and architecture letter and the need to communicate an idea instantly and accurately.

he BICM is notably operational: this anniversary year has revolutionized its concept in the name of compromise and adaptation to generate products such as cultural encounter interdisciplinary design center, the successful convocation of posters on the World Heritage City of Mexico entitled Testimony of what we were, ee are and we will be and the increase of headquartes BICM: now also be exposed participants selected in AROCENA-Museum in Coahuila México and in the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes. The results do not stop, the BICM has implemented ways to spread the momentum of the partnership, sucha as the relaunch of its digital newsletter Extradiseño.

BICM continues managing projects, it must still fulfill its anniversary celebration program, which is constituted by the call for commemorate a work of Kafka, poster exhibitions with topics such as 25th anniversary BICM, the environment and development, the formation of its Honorary International Council and performing events such as a gala concert for the association. In this sense a commemorative edition, where the history of the tangible benefits caused by BICM, becomes a necessary element of historical synthesis.

With an acquis constituted with more than 40,000 posters and the World Design Congress, the 13 editions of the BICM are proof of the power of the fraternity and collaboration working together, because this association governed by the values ​​of education and culture is convinced that the mechanism of solidarity generates social, economic and human development. The BICM is convinced that the promotion of social welfare, through the promotion of culture as a path of intellectual progress of the individual and social, it is feasible only if we are able to keep alive the glare of communal and profuse creation.

Thanks to all our collaborators, whose hard work and dedication make possible this great project!.