With the aim of promoting the culture of design as part of everyday life the 14th convocation of the International Poster Biennial in Mexico (BICM) which, in the words of our director Xavier Bermúdez, is not only an international contest of poster opens, but a space of creation and meeting that occurs every two years:

"The BICM still topical and current problems of the world, so we open new issues and alliances with different actors in society; this allowed us to give, to meet a greater range in content ".

In its 14th edition, the BICM presents four categories:

CATEGORY A, Best printed Poster 2015 / 2016
CATEGORY B, Posters in favor of people’s human rights in the migration
CATEGORY C, Editorial Design Posters
CATEGORY D, Biodiversity Preservation Posters

The National Institute of Fine Arts is responsible for awarding the Category A, in which they can participate graphic designers, design students, artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, regardless of age or nationality, with posters that relate to any printed issue between May 2014 and May 2016. The first, in addition to the economic stimulus, you will receive the Medal El Chango Ernesto Cabral (gold) and a diploma. The second and third prizes, silver and bronze medal, respectively, with a diploma.

In category B, posters for human rights of people in migration, the first prize will be awarded by the National Commission of Human Rights; it may participate graphic designers, design students, artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, regardless of age or nationality. The CNDH has entrusted as the dissemination of human rights, so that an important way to do this with great impact is through the visual aspect.

"The BICM has a tradition 25 years of prestige; what we do is join in this effort. Human rights an important part of them is prevention, we are sure that creativity to prepare them will be important and will help us in the constitutional tasks we have to do it, "says Edgar Corzo, fifth visitor. Category C Posters publishing image, is called by the publisher Condé Nast and BICM. Those interested should participate with unpublished posters on the theme: commemorative posters to promote the tenth anniversary of the magazine GQ. This category was created because of the consideration of the low participation regarding billboards. "We propose that Condé Nast were the pioneers in the biennial world to make a new promotion and positioning of the billboard" he said.

Rafael Molano, editor of GQ Mexico and Latin America, called it an "honor" to be in a competition with great prestige, such as the BICM . "It's the first time in the history of design an open call for unpublished posters related to a brand is launched".

Posters category for the conservation of biodiversity is convened in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the University Programme for Sustainability Strategies (AS). In her unpublished shall participate with posters on the theme. Aer Marquez Silva, representing Dolores Barrientos, director of UNEP Mexico, states that the aim is to sensitize the people through small actions, in this case through a poster. "We want to incorporate all youth and children; I think it is an initiative which can capture ideas, thoughts and make a change to your idea. "