Category B
Posters in favor of people’s human rights in the migration


1) Graphic designers, design students, visual artists, photographers and graphic creators in general are allowed to participate, no matter age or nationality.

2) Participants should submit a maximum of 4 posters or series of posters considered as one piece.

3) The design layout shall be 70 x 100 cm (vertical or horizontal). Layout and technique are freestyle.


Participants shall submit unpublished posters on the subject: Posters in favor of people’s human rights in the migration. Category called in collaboration with the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (CNDH).


4) In order to register their work, participants shall submit their poster(s) in a digital layout to this email: attached to the registration form (click to download it) properly filled in.

5) Files registered in the contest should be formatted as:

Measure: 70 x 100 cm (vertical or horizontal)
Resolution: 300 DPI
Color: RGB
Type of format: JPG

IMPORTANT: Posters that are not registered under these specifications will be automatically disqualified.
If the file size is too big you may use any type of cloud-base storage such as Wetransfer, Dropbox, Sendthisfile, etc., by sending the appropriate link with the registration form.


(Printed posters are NOT required)

7) The posters selected will become part of the collection on the subject. The BICM in collaboration with the CNDH, will promote the edition and presentation of this collection, giving credits to the authors, in several printed and electronic means. It will also become part of its publicity campaign. The posters will be printed in HP technology by the BICM and will be exhibited at the Franz Mayer Museum.

8) Both the CNDH and the  BICM are authorized to publish the entered-into-the-competition posters in catalogues, expositions, promotional editions, electronic means and promotional events on a non-profit basis and giving credit to the authors.

9) Every chosen participant will obtain a 50% discount on our online store to acquire catalogues, poster, and commemorative editions.

10) All posters will become part of the Posters in favor of the people’s human rights in the migration collection and the copy presented at the Franz Mayer Museum will become part of the BICM storage.

11) The BICM shall reserve the right to reject the participation of posters that may be offensive to the moral and culture of any country, as well as the ones that shall not meet the requirements of this call.

12) Posters designed by jury members as well as committee members can be chosen but may not be awarded.

13) The jury decision will be irrevocable and it shall not be contested or submitted to any sort of refute by any natural or legal person. The awards of any category can be declared null and void if it is so considered. Additionally, the judges are qualified to resolve any incidence that may take place and may not contravene these basis.

14) The results of the 14th BICM selection will be published on our web site and social networks on July 31, 2016.



First place: $100,000.00 (One hundred thousand mexican pesos), a golden medal  and a certificate.
Second place: Silver medal and a certificate.
Third place: Bronze medal and a certificate.

The first award of this category shall be handed by the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (CNDH).