15 International Poster Biennial in Mexico

The International Poster Biennial in Mexico is an organic structure that acts as a hatchery of potential graphic projects, that is to say, it is a platform for visual creators to get together and materialize ideas into concrete projects. However, even though it offers stability as a scaffolding, depository of a myriad of ideas, it is ever changing, because it is a living being.

From the heart that conducts the pulse of this biennial, we endeavor to flow and develop our axes in accordance with the circumstances arisen. To us, design is more than a mere discipline, in fact it is a powerful tool for anyone with the necessity to transform and communicate. Although BICM is particularly focused in poster making, it develops the scope of design as something wider than the image itself, furthermore as the representation of how to dispose of the content in order to extract a message to transform the environment. It is therefore, the arrangement of ideas to achieve an assignment.

Our objective as a point of meeting is straightforward: to motivate emergent projects, and promote those others already established, all of them in favor of the graphic culture and the national creators. The cultural legacy that belongs to us, as a historical identity, must be remembered and worthy of highlight at all times. The BICM is not a thing, it is a circumstance in which you merge as a single entity, eager for the joy of thriving.

In this biennial we want to guide you to transform your world, to evolve your mind. Poster is more alive than ever, we know it and we want you to experience it.

Congratulations Mexico! You have a fifteenth edition to present and we have an around the world schedule. We are the same but transformed.

The 15BICM arrived like the fervor of a passion born in Mexico

#Máscartel #15BICM